Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yes, I am still alive

You all may have heart attacks when you you realize that I am alive and posting again.
The quads are growing and doing fine. Tyler and Avery seem to be taking turns with hospital stays. Cystic fibrosis is not nice to babies.

I have been very apathetic in the last year. Just had a bad year I guess. I am better now and will try to keep this blog running.

Love to all,

Friday, November 02, 2007

really skinny

I had a great time at SAFF. At least the time i had there. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Paul and I had to leave the same day we got there, so I was only there a few hours. But I got to see Sandy, Caroline, Lynne and Maryanne. I missed Blaine and I regret that. It was so nice to visit if only a short time. I brought home some nice fiber and a book on natural dying.
But the big news is that I am doing some spinning for the art director at school. The first ounce I spun, I got 183 yards. I was impressed with my bad self. The second ounce I spun 198 yards! I can't believe I am really spinnin skinny. Wonder if I can spin fat again?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Off to SAFF

I will be getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning. Those of you that know me, know I would rather shoot myself in the foot as to get up before 8. It will be worth it because I am goinjg to SAFF for my third year. I will be meeting a lot of my fiber friends there and cannot wait to see them again. I will post again when I get home. Later, Pam

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yee Haa!!!! I am going to have another grandchild. And she is a girl!! We all really wanted another little girl and her name is Avery Caroline. Another bit of good news is that there are no white spots on her intestines. So maybe she will not have CF. Tyler is trying very hard to crawl. Babiers are so adorable and funny when they are trying to learn new stuff,. I guess that means they are adorable and funny all of their lives.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

And Tyler Too

I went to see the Grandquads yesterday. Clay, Carey, and Tyler were there too. It's been three months since I have seen Tyler and there are some changes already. He is starting to look like Carey's Dad, Richard. He is a little chunk of lead. I think Carey said he weighs 19 pounds now. He is on the brink of crawling if he could just get that other knee under him. He is a sweet happy baby with a delightful little chuckle. I have new pictures of him so maybe I can post one that ISN'T the same one I have already posted twice in a row. HMMM......maybe I just really like that picture?

JonZReaTom are doing some changing as well. Zachary is a past master at signing the word "more". He certainly isn't going to miss any meals. He also has this matter-of-fact expression he uses as he strings together multitudes of sounds. He seems to say, "of course you know exactly what I am saying." Thomas is starting to walk pretty well. But he trips and falls too. Jim said he stood up in the little wagon they have and tipped it over. Of course he fell out and the wagon handle hit him right between the eyes. The next day he did a nose-duve into a coffee cup and put his teeth through his lip. It happens, of course, but I actually think it is harder on Jim than Thomas. OK, OK, I wanted to cry when I heard it. Raising babies sure is hard on the adults. Reagan has a meltingly beautiful smile. She walks better than the boys and has a wonderful disposition. She is very serene for a baby. Jonathan is almost too pretty to be a boy. He is a laid back little dude and seems happy even if he isn't interacting with the others, I watched Reagan and Zachary wrestle with each other, rolling over and over each other and laughing like crazy. When they get along, they get along well. And sometimes they don't................ Normal kids just like any others.
I had to close out the post and start all over because I put some pictures in that weren't good. So now I have redone the whole thing and AGAIN I have put the same picture in twice. I guess I had just better get over it. I am done and am going to publish.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dentist cont.

It's finally over (mostly). After three hours of having someone elses fingers in my mouth, I now have my temporary bridge. Not bad looking, but it was not pleasant. I did really well until the last when Dr. Hasnani extracted the tooth that had been under my old bridge. I swear the roots of that tooth were behind my nose! There wasn't really any pain, I guess the thought and the feeling were enough to make me sick. I sure was glad when that part was over!
Looking at my latest postings, I noticed that I have used the same picture of Tyler twice. I do have others. Speaking of pictures, when I was in Knoxville, Ali gave me about a hundred pics on a disc. They are beautiful pics, The pics in my last post were some of them. Anyway, the gals at Wally World almost didn't let me have the pics because they were so professional looking. A few of them were indeed taken by a professional, but were given to Jim and Ali to use and print. They weren't copyrighted. The joke is, some of the others that are just as good were taken by Michelle, Ali's good friend. What a compliment to her! She is very good at anything she does. Ok, my pain pill is kicking my butt, so I will post again later.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

How fast they grow!

I went to see Jim and Ali and the Grandquads yesterday. I need to go at least once a week to keep up with the changes! They are now 14 months old. They don't eat baby food any more, they are all off the bottle (I was surprised by that-Jim and Clay hung on to their bottles for dear life, especially Clay), they are all walking. Thomas prefers to crawl still, but he can take a few steps on his own. They are learning to sign and are beginning to talk. Reagan has a cute little growlly sound she makes. They are just the best thing that ever happened to me. All five (soon to be six) grandchildren. I just wish I could visit Tyler more. I miss him so much. It is just too far a drive for me and I don't really trust my car. And since I have to have teeth, I can't get a new car just yet.
In case y'all didn't notice, Ali showed me how to put links on my sidebar. I have, alas, lost my avatar and since I don't know how to export it it may be some time before she is back. I have such fun with her that I am going to try very hard to get her back. If any of you are interested in internet paper dolls, I will put the links up for you. I know how to do it now!